DCS Update Open Beta

Introduced new modules:
DCS: P-47D Thunderbolt by Eagle Dynamics
DCS: The Channel map by Eagle Dynamics

DCS World

  • Introduced a new flight dynamics model of AIM-120 missiles. In contrast to the old missile dynamics model the new one includes revised lift and drag, revised induced drag and motor data. Added stability and control characteristics, velocity-altitude adaptive autopilot and modified lofting trajectories.
  • AIM-7. Improved loft algorithm. Loft pitch angle now depends on range to target. Added simulation of English Bias maneuver during boost phase of flight.
  • AIM-7. F and MH versions use old FM – fixed(was caused by database conflict by F-14B AIM-7 definitions).
  • Introduce new AGM-84E Standoff Land Attack Missile (SLAM). This is a subsonic, over-the-horizon, air-launched cruise missile with new route by waypoints autopilot, INS + GPS, sensor guidance and F/A-18C integration.
  • ME. Incorrect AIM-9X Mission Editor icon – corrected.
  • ME. Neutral unit can now be placed by ME. Added filter by button COMBAT/ALL countries. The ALL position shows all countries, including neutrals. Support of old missions is maintained.
  • GUI. Loading window pictures doesn’t show for some modules – fixed.
  • MP. Ammunition reloading in Combined Arms can cause server and client crash – fixed.
  • GUI. DCS restarts after selecting current screen resolution in options – fixed.
  • M61 Vulcan gun dispersion corrected.
  • MP. Client can now embark troops correctly
  • AI wingman remains on the runway after group landing – fixed.

DCS AJS37 by Heatblur Simulations

  • Fix to long ELINT-analysis time (crash when setting BER after landing).
  • Filename sanitization for F10-cartridges.
  • Implemented proximity fuses (MARK and LUFT) for Rb05 missile.
  • Added diagonal control bindings for controlling Rb05 missile.

DCS F-14B by Heatblur Simulations

  • Fixed typo in Carrier Quals CVN-73 Quickstart mission name.
  • Re-added Supercarrier Coop missions for Carrier Quals.
  • Fixed version mismatch that may have caused several smaller issues.
  • Fixed kneel switch behavior: aircraft will not spawn kneeled anymore and a simple down-press of the switch to kneel the aircraft will not prevent using NWS if extended again. (Solenoid holdback is still WIP and will be added in the next patches).
  • Adjusted flap drag while overspeeding with full flaps deployed.
  • Fixed fuel flow fluctuation caused by inlet performance discontinuity when AOA crosses from 180 to -180 degrees at low speeds

DCS MiG-21bis by Magnitude 3

  • Added VR device tracking support (WIP)
  • Corrected ASP fixed net and piper illumination levels for day and night operations.
  • Decreased radio-altimeter hot-start value from 200 m to 100 m.
  • Tuned SAU and autopilot. (WIP)
  • Fixed KPP glideslope needle.
  • Fixed landing gear lock sound.
  • Fixed lights’ switch axis in clickables.lua by adding 2 new commands for light controls.
  • Added switch operation for air conditioning. (no use in game, visual only)
  • Phase 1 Livery Template released.
  • Phase 1 External Model Changes Include:
  • Added overwing vapor effects. (WIP)
  • Updated GSH-23 muzzle flash, smoke, tracer effects. (WIP)
  • Updated canopy & windscreen.
  • Updated PVD-7, DUAS-5 pitot tubes.
  • Updated gear bay upper fuselage blisters.
  • Updated dorsal fuel tank.
  • Updated vertical stabilizer.
  • Updated lower wing root covers.
  • Updated SPRD-99 / POMIG mounts.
  • Updated taxi/landing light glass lenses.
  • Added afterburner volumetric light effects. (WIP)
  • Adjusted afterburner flame to be seen in daylight hours and added shock diamonds.
  • Adjusted landing / taxi light brightness
  • Fixed AI non-retracting landing / taxi lights.
  • Fixed gear strut lights to turn off when the battery is switched off.
  • Fixed nav lights from turning white while viewing from long distances.
  • Adjusted drag chute animation and associated collision shell.
  • Fixed TacNumbers from all changing at the same time.
  • Converted all 8K livery textures to separate numerous 1, 2, and 4K textures.
  • Adjusted all livery camouflages to match Phase 1 airframe. (courtesy of Joshua Pemberton)
  • Adjusted & added RoughMet textures to numerous areas.
  • Adjusted & added Normal Map textures to numerous areas.
  • Corrected Russian spelling of livery stenciling. (courtesy of LazySeal [P61]).
  • Removed Croatian 2014 and Hungarian liveries. (Unable to contact original artist for PSD files)
  • Merged cockpit textures into atlas.
  • Merged pilot textures into atlas.
  • Updated SPRD-99’s 3d mesh & added RoughMet texture.
  • Added RoughMet textures to missile launcher rails.
  • Added RoughMet texture to POMIG chaff & flare dispensers.
  • Corrected size of external 490L drop tank. (courtesy of SVKSniper & GumidekCZ)
  • Corrected size of external 800L drop tank.
  • Created new drop tank textures.
  • Reduced destroyed 3d mesh’s 8K textures to 4K.
  • Adjusted damage table properties.

DCS Christen Eagle II by Magnitude 3

  • Added VR device tracking support (WIP)
  • Tuned engine torque characteristics.
  • Tuned engine gyroscopic effects.
  • Tuned propwash effects.
  • Tuned P-factor effects.
  • Tuned aircraft stability to retain previously matched capabilities and performance
  • Improved suspension code, allowing the aircraft to takeoff and land on some grass surfaces
  • Implemented instrument panel gauge oscillations / vibration depending on engine state and external factors (related to aircraft movement)
  • Implemented over-priming the engine with more than 5 pumps may flood the engine.
  • Known issues:
    • Propeller rotation animation.
    • Bright lights.

DCS Mirage 2000c by RAZBAM

  • Engine idle now waits 5 seconds of weight on wheels before going from flight idle to ground idle
  • Fixed gear was able to retract through keyboard commands after emergency gear handle deployed
  • Improved afterburner glow effect behavior


  • Fix IFR Probe responding to switch command without hydraulic power available
  • Fixed cockpit alerts (cautions, voice warnings, maneuver tone, RWR alerts, weapon tones) to properly go through headphone/headset source
  • Fixed incorrect RPM bias due to H2O mode working with Manual Fuel enabled
  • Fixed H2O dump not functioning
  • Fixed 2x Right MK-82 AIR incorrectly set as MK-82 Snakeyes
  • Fixed MK-81 positioning
  • Overhaul to WCA and Voice Warning logic for better management of fault acknowledgement and priority
  • Fixed 15 SEC solid vs. flashing logic
  • Further improved GPWS cues
  • Improved auto-start sequence to give more time for cues to be heard through sequence
  • Fixed DEP RES should only show when degraded not when in operation
  • Fixed SKID should cause CAUTION CAUTION when Anti-Skid is OFF
  • Fixed required time between BINGO auditory warning to be 60 seconds
  • Fixed required time between FUEL LOW LEFT or FUEL LOW RIGHT auditory warning to be 60 seconds
  • Fixed required time between GPWS CHECK GEAR auditory warning to be 8 seconds
  • Improved JPTL limiter check logic
  • Fixed WCA for SAAHS Pitch, Roll, Yaw light not properly indicated SAAHS is disabled when paddle switch pressed
  • Fixed WCA for LIDS when position disagrees with nominal position (either due to retract override switch or hydraulic failure)
  • Fix voltmeter always stuck at 27.5V – during checklist voltmeter should now change during checklist tests
  • Fixed logic for DROOP light to go out during full aileron deflection per checklists


  • Fixed animations and connector commands so that canopy can be opened and closed manually through clicks
  • Fixed keyboard canopy open/close command delay
  • Fixed keyboard canopy open/close command to have proper sequence
  • Corrected EUP-53 instrument behavior for turn indicator
  • Added flame out conditions due to air flow issues caused by deep stall and or tail slide
  • Added aileron failure and damage due to excessive roll rate at high speed
  • Increased R-3S structural load tolerance
  • Decrease structural load tolerance at very high speeds
  • Increased buffet vibrations when near stall
  • Fixed damage argument for right flap and aileron

DCS C-101 Aviojet by AvioDev

  • Improved 3D model of cross and dot window in HSI.
  • Fixed external lights. Landing and taxi lights beam looks correct now.
  • Braking is now without anti-skid when using parking brake.
  • Fixed flaps extension and retraction speeds.
  • Improved slipball behaviour with new physics model.
  • Adjusted some landing gear parameters. There are more chances now to move out when the aircraft is on ground out of runway.
  • Reduced wheels strengthness.

DCS JF-17 by Deka Ironwork Simulations

  • Fixed Anti-Collision light not blink
  • Copying non-editable DST channels data to editable channels will cause the latter no longer editable – fixed.
  • Fixed DST channel copy caused non-editable channel
  • Fixed CCRP line and cue are incorrect disabled in DTOS
  • Fixed WMD7 pod external view: should set seeker to Caged state after initialization.
  • Fixed S2_left cycle radar submode in EMMC NAV mode, will depend on radar main mode:
  • radar in INTC main mode, cycle between RWS/TWS/VS;
  • radar in AG main mode, cycle between MAP/GMTI/SEA1/SEA2/TA/WA/AGR;
  • press OSB_U1 for main/sub mode select(INTC/AG only, DGFT mode cannot manually select);
  • Fixed GUN RDY state
  • Removed SPJ pod station limitation, but if mounted more, jam power will be reduced drastically.
  • Switch to new AG radar render API
  • Added SPI/OAP on HSD in AG mode
  • Added customized effect for start-up flame/smoke
  • Added starter exhaust door animation
  • Implemented engine surge due to flying out of operational limits or missile/rocket smoke trails.
  • Added engine surge effects and sound
  • Added customised effect of vapor cone
  • Updated campaigns: added brief images for C01-C06, fixed some triggers, C06 operation time: day->night

ChinaAssetPack by Deka Ironwork Simulations

  • Fixed J-11A windshield texture
  • Fixed J-11A brake chute texture
  • Added starter exhaust door animation for JF-17 AI
  • Added customized effect of start-up flame for JF-17 AI
  • Added overwing vapor for J-11A

DCS F-18C by ED

  • Add Real Beam Ground Map with Navigation Stabilized Cursor Designation -WIP.
  • Litening Targeting Pod:
  • updates for LTD/R and LST (laser), automatic laser illumination.
  • add AA Mode.
  • Issue in logic and symbols in AA and AG modes were fixed.
  • Add AGM-84E SLAM
  • Fixed Dynamic launch zone, AUTO mode for JDAM
  • Fixed FLIR video on ALT+F1 view
  • AOA Brightness knob has no effect on indicator – Fixed
  • TACAN has wrong position on HSI – Fixed
  • EXP on SA page shows blank – Fixed
  • ACM legend doesn’t disappear and range selection arrows don’t return after uncommanded ACM lock break – Fixed
  • DUD cue is in the wrong position in the HUD – Fixed
  • Using JDAM TOO mode causes the target diamond to get stuck in the HUD – Fixed
  • GACQ issues after radar rework – fixed
  • TDC radar altitude readout does not update with antenna elevation change – Fixed
  • Radar scan elevation limit overflow- Fixed

DCS F-16C by ED

  • Added ability to create new waypoints.
  • Low altitude, Low fuel, High speed wobbling – fixed

DCS Supercarrier by ED

  • IFLOLs helper visibility fixed.
  • New soundtrack for game GUI.
  • Uncontrolled AI affected by mission planner on super carrier only – fixed.
  • Player appears on the wrong Kuznecov if he doesn’t have a module – fixed.

DCS Spitfire IX by ED

  • Fixed issue with negative G fuel cut out (known issue with blackout with negative G still there).

DCS Black Shark by ED

  • Game avionics. ABRIS and IT-23 overlays on F2 view are not functional – fixed.
  • Ka-50 Georgian Oil War Campaign, fixed by MadDog-IC. Updated the briefing target images, by Alex Zander (gornyak).
  • Ka-50 Deployment Campaign. Corrected parking conflict of player with wingman.


  • F-5E Aggressors Basic Fighter Maneuvers Campaign by Maple Flag Missions:
    • Adjusted AI vehicles to avoid aircraft collisions.
  • F-5E Aggressors ACM Campaign Files by Maple Flag:
    • Added Skip Mission F10 radio menu to practice missions

Known issues

  • New AIM-120 can not lock targets if launched without radar lock (Maddog launch).
  • German Schnellboot type S130 caused DCS crash.

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